Mission 1: To bring socio-economic and professional changes through enhancing the positive relationship and well-built attachment among various services and professions of Bangladesh.

Mission 2: To produce social and individual well-being through mobilizing and utilizing financial, intellectual, human and material resources.

Mission 3:To contribute to the society and the country through extending our assistance to the poor and destitute, illiterate and disabled, victim and suffere


Iftar Party followed by dinner of Club De Executive Ltd. (CDX) will be held on 2/8/13, Friday, 5.30 pm at Ruposhi Bangla (Sheraton). You with the spouse are invited to attend. Invitation card is sending to your mailing address.

We are progressive, we are special. We, the contemporary members of the Bangladesh Civil Service (BCS), embracing our hands together, create a thriving force to endeavor positioning Bangladesh as one of the developed economies of the world through making our Civil Service as the service of best practices by dint of our professional excellence.

Our team comprises of BCS executives of the different batches starting from 24th batch and onward. We are committed to bring about positive changes through professional training and social work. Interpersonal communication of various cadre officers is one of the major objectives of our association.

We also reserve limited participation for the other First Class officers. When a society built up with participation of people from various sectors it brings diversified capacities to the organization. We are not what we are now; we are what we want to be.The private sector of Bangladesh is occupying lion’s share of our economy. Participation from the private sector is also important for our organization. Considering the fact we encourage private sector executives to be included in the club. We also invite some of the young and emerging entrepreneurs to be part of our team.

We have provisions for honorary membership. The former civil and military bureaucrats, people from civil society, intellectuals, journalists, economist, lawyers, physicians, engineers, and other professionals, who are prominent in their respective fields may be included as our honorary members.